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Application Process

Washington Court/Walnut Creek is owned and managed by Gainesville Housing Authority. Qualification for the Washington Court/Walnut Creek is dependent on the 3 critical items below:

  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Previous Rental History Verification

Once you complete the application, we will review the above three items to help us determine the approval status. Usually within 3-5 business days from when you submit your application, you will receive a letter. It would indicate that you passed the initial screening, stating that we need to set up an appointment to do additional paperwork and for you to bring in documents that are required (see list below). Or it would tell you that your application had been denied and the reason for the denial and what you could do if you want to appeal that decision.

What to bring to your application interview:

  1. Birth Certificate (for each applicant that will reside in the unit)
  2. Social Security Cards (for each applicant that will reside in the unit)
  3. Driver's License or Picture I.D. (for each applicant that will reside in the unit)
  4. Income Verification (current letter from social security, pension plan info, etc)
  5. Bank Statements (last six months for checking, savings, CD's, 401K, etc.)
  6. Your current address and last two addresses, with to and from month-year for each.
  7. Previous landlord's names, addresses and phone numbers
  8. Marriage License, Spouse's Death Certificate, or Divorce Papers (just one of these documents is needed depending on your current status)
  9. For those 62 years of age or older, disabled or handicapped: Medical Expenses paid by applicant in last 12 months (include doctor, hospital, lab, x-ray, prescriptions, over the counter drugs (with letter from doctor), dental, glasses, ambulance & premiums paid on medical insurance. NOTE: All medical must have been paid. Proof is required by providing cancelled checks or your pharmacist can print out all of your prescriptions paid in the past 12 months.

Application Documents

Please feel free to review, download and/or complete the application documents prior to your visit with us. All 3 forms must be completed. We must have originals with signatures. Forms can be returned in person at 715 E. California Street, Suite A, Gainesville, TX 76240 or or by mailing to PO Box 1359, Gainesville, Texas 76241.